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Gary Kerstein
Published by: Gary Kerstein on 17-Aug-20
How To Drive Traffic To Your Site Using Videos

Since the conception of the World Wide Web, or most commonly tagged as www, it has been used to serve various purposes for people from around the globe.


While most people use it to promote certain product or services that the individual or a group tries to advertise, posting of matters of personal interest to the developer, or if simply used as a tool to disseminate information, it has proven its worth over time.


A website may be organized into various functions. This includes the following:

? Personal

? Non-profit organization

? Commercial

? Government


Below are some tips on how to drive traffic to your site for various purposes:


1. When websites or blogs are used for business purposes:


One of the most common reasons for setting up websites is to promote a certain product or service. Mainly it contains the history of the company, a list of the product or services being offered and its highlight features, the rate, and other matter of importance in product or service awareness.


Adding up links that is related to the nature of the business is a good attraction and would sure contribute in adding traffic to the site.


Also, using videos can contribute much to adding traffic.


There are various sites that offer free video postings such as Google, YouTube, Revver, Blip and a lot more.


For example, posting an attention-grabbing type of ad in YouTube about your business, under a common category that is usually one of the most searchable items on the net, could increase its popularity and eventually traffic to your site.


2. Site is used to post matters of personal interest to the author


Blogging for most people had been a medium to post diary-like entries about themselves.


By adding up videos tagged under a common or searchable category, this would likewise increase traffic to the site.


The stated videos may be made by the blogger or individual themselves. Others enlist the help of professionals in making the same, that and the best possible venue on where to strategically place it.


Videos are an integral part of most blog, for usually it is what drives traffic towards the specific site.


Below are some tips on how to maximize the use of videos:


1. Create searchable tag under the video file

2. Make the video a creative one, something that could draw attention by itself, if not about he article inside the site

3. Update the video links, or add up videos that are timely. For example, videos pertaining to the coming holiday season might be appropriate when discussing the weather or tips for the coming occasions.

4. Be sure to make or add up videos that are not too offensive in nature, and that would draw the attention of the majority of possible readers.

5. Videos should be attractive to almost any age group. If this can not be the case, make sure to have several that could cater to a specific group.

6. Still, make sure to not overdo adding up videos or links to a video that is connected to the matter inside the site.


Wherever these videos are posted, the most common attraction-drawer is if it done in a classy, if not funny way, that hits the target point-blank. That and the manner of how it is presented would make or break the benefit of adding up one.


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